Monday, June 1, 2015

Switchpin - I Believe

Our friends over at Groovey.TV are premiering our first single since 2012! "I Believe" is the first single off of our self-titled EP that will be out later this summer!

Listen here!

I Believe is also available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon!


Friday, March 23, 2012

New Git Fiddle Guy

What's up folks!?

Since we have all of Jimmy's visa stuff cleared, we're stoked to announce (officially) that Patrick Dire has joined us on guitar!
We've had the desire to Dire for a while, but really couldn't make an announcement, due to our band contract being combed through by our lovely govt.

Some of you may know Pat from the Denver band Ransom. He shreds the git like an italian stallion.
Smells alright
Wants to play music
He likes things

The perfect fit for Switchpin.
Stay tuned! More news SOON!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Defy The Silence Teaser

Check out the teaser for Defy The Silence over at

Full song available March 17th 2012!

Stay neeto!!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

News From Switchpin

Hey folks, been a spell since we've posted any official band news!

Here's the skinny.

Switchpin has parted ways with vocalist Jason LeBaron. He came into the band in 2008, mostly under the premise of being a "hired gun". We had some killer tourdates, and released an EP with Jason at the helm. The time came, to find someone permanent. We'll get to that in a second! There is no bad blood between SP, and Jason. We are actually closer friends now. We wish J the best of luck with Dead For Denver, they are bad ass.

With that, we are stoked to welcome Jimmy Trigger to Switchpin. He hails from Kilkenny, Ireland. He is also a 234% perfect fit, for this band. You'll hear soon folks.
We have already written numerous songs, with Jimmy and are in pre production with our old friend Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino / Machine Head). Ahrue also consulted us on our last EP "5200 RPM". It's great to be working with him as a producer.

Switchpin will be on the air with Uncle Nasty, Friday Aug 27th, at 7pm MST to release our new single, "Hopeless Feelings". For those of you in our hometown, Denver, CO, and surrounding areas, tune into 106.7 KBPI. Or click here for the internet stream.

"Hopeless Feelings" will also be available online soon. Please find us on Facebook, or Twitter. We'll let you know exactly where you can download/stream the full version.

We recently did an interview with Groovey. We go into detail about the future of the band, and other amusing things.

Last but not least.
We are playing The Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Saturday, August 27th. With Glass Delirium, Nemesys, and Until Control.
The show is all ages, but if you are over 21, like us on Facebook. From there you can print a ticket for free admission. We love our hometown like that.

More news to come soon. Thank you all! Stay Positive.